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The Turner Laboratory

Welcome to the webpages of the Turner Laboratory at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sussex. We hope you enjoy your visit; here you will find details of our research, teaching and outreach activities as well as news about past and present members of the group.

 Research in the Turner laboratory covers two broad themes:

  • Discovery of new forms of matter with concommitant exploration of their properties, reactivity and applications
  • Developing a deeper understanding of strongly correlated many body systems through advanced diffraction techniques and analysis

 These two themes are currently focused on

  • Technological solutions to the correlated risks of climate change and peak oil
  • Discovery of new magnetic and structural properties of unusual fluoride-based materials
  • Theory of strongly correlated systems in a wide range of contexts


Dr John F. C. Turner

Reader in Physical Inorganic Chemistry


Department of Chemistry

University of Sussex
Chichester III Building
Brighton, BN1 9QG

T +44 1273 873915

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