Public Engagement & Outreach

2016 Bright Sparks Event at Hove Park School

Teaching and learning about genetic variation, an opportunity to create (and take home!) your own baby Reebop alongside a playdough cell complete in its petri-dish home. With thanks to: Kayleigh Wardell (Neale lab), Andrea Keszthelyi (Carr lab), Stephanie Schalbetter (Baxter lab), Marg Crawford (Neale lab), Matt Neale, and Katy Petherick (UoS).

2016 Bacon & Eggs

A hilarious journey about the life of an egg and sperm, DNA replication, and the perils of eating bacon. Written and performed as part of the Big Science Sunday event at Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton, February 2016.
With thanks to: Kayleigh Wardell (Neale lab), Sam Durley (Murray lab), Aimee Eckert (Hochegger lab), Katie Ptasinska (Carr lab), Grant McGregor (Murray lab), Zuza Kozik (Sweet lab), and Katy Petherick (UoS).