School of Life Sciences

Abdul-Sada Lab

Nano technology applications in Metabolomic human health and environmental applications

High-resolution mass spectrometry based metabolomics offers qualitative and quantitative analyses with high sensitivity and selectivity, and the potential to characterise metabolites. Combining the ultra high pressure chromatographic separation will help to reduce the complexity of the mass spectra due to its high ability to separate metabolites before analysis by the mass spectrometer. It also provides very valuable physical and chemical properties of metabolites.

My research is focused on the use of different mass spectrometry techniques in metabolomic applications in human health and the environment. This includes the use of urine , plasma and cell tissues to identify extremely low levels of different biomarkers, and develop new methods to improve the sensitivity and decrease the ion separation. I am also interested in finding new biomarkers and synthesising them to help us study their physical properties and the best methods to identify them in biological samples using the ultra high performance liquid chromatography and nano ultra high performance liquid chromatography with the different high resolutions of mass spectrometry.


Dr Alaa Abdul-Sada

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