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Mihail’s research is helping to save bees

20 January 2015

Gardeners could make their space up to 100 times more attractive to bees, says Mihail Garbuzov, a PhD researcher who graduates on Friday (January 23).

Major supporter receives CBE

13 January 2015

Michael Chowen, founder of Sussex Stationers and one of the University’s long-standing supporters, has been awarded a CBE in the New...

Sussex biologist wins award for ecological engagement

12 December 2014

A biology professor at Sussex has won an award for his “exceptional contribution to facilitating the use and understanding of ecology”.

Suicidal biting is a nest defense strategy in Trigona stingless bees.

2 December 2014

  A new research article just out describes how self-sacrificial behavior represents an extreme and relatively uncommon form of altruism in...

Stingless bees bite to the death to defend colony

19 November 2014

Sussex researchers have found that stingless bees will engage in suicidal biting in order to defend their colony.

Sussex bee researcher makes a B-Line for London

11 November 2014

London's abuzz with reaction to the recent National Pollinator Strategy unveiled by Environment Secretary Liz Truss.

A response from LASI to the National Pollinator Strategy

5 November 2014

4 November 2014 Response to the UK government's publication of the National Pollinator Strategy from the Laboratory of Apiculture and Social...

A step into the unmown creates a ‘win-win’ for wildlife and humans

18 September 2014

Creating unmown areas in a park can increase flowers and pollinating insects as well as enjoyment of the space, finds a Sussex study in Saltdean.

A sunny afternoon at LASI

17 July 2014

A year has passed since our last successful Open Day, so by popular demand we once again opened our doors on a sunny July afternoon, to both...

‘Listen to the bees’ to create healthy rural landscapes, says Sussex study

22 May 2014

Honey bees’ foraging preferences provides valuable information for governments about how to better manage rural landscapes, saySussex researchers.

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