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Dancing bees reveal why summer isn’t the season of plenty

2 April 2014

Summertime and the living is easy – but not for the hungry honey bee, new research from Sussex published today (Wednesday 2 April) reveals.

Bees mean beans: Bumblebee researchers call for help

17 February 2014

Bee researchers are asking for volunteers to see whether there are enough bees left in our gardens and towns to pollinate vegetable crops properly.

Another new Doctor leaves the LASI team!

13 November 2013

Dr Sam Jones successfully defended his PhD thesis on Friday. The title of his thesis is "Chemical based communication & its role in decision...

Sussex Research launches new Strategic Competition

12 November 2013

Sussex Research launches a new Strategic Competition designed to identify a key interdisciplinary programme.

Flower research shows gardens can be a feast for the eyes – and the bees

17 October 2013

Are our favourite garden flowers attractive to hungry visitors such as bees and butterflies?

Progress on breeding hygienic bees at the University of Sussex

7 October 2013

Oral presentation given in  Proceedings of 9th COLOSS Conference, Kiev, Ukraine, 27-29th September 2013. 12. Norman L Carreck, Karin L...

New bee research manual published

25 September 2013

The COLOSS BEEBOOK   The unique and innovative COLOSS “BEEBOOK: standard methodologies for Apis mellifera research will today be...

Rise in urban beekeeping may have gone too far, scientists warn

12 August 2013

Sussex scientists are urging people in towns and cities who are keen to help the honey bee not to buy a hive but to grow bee-friendly flowers instead.

LASI holds a succesful first Open Day to the public

24 July 2013

  The Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects (LASI) held its first Open Day on the 20th July 2013. Over a hundred people registered to...

Open for buzziness: Leading bee lab holds open day

15 July 2013

The Laboratory of Apiculture and Social Insects’ (LASI) will have its first ever open day, at Sussex on Saturday 20 July (1pm-5pm).

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