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New LASI video on appreciating Ivy

18 March 2019

Ivy is one of the most abundant and widely distributed UK plants. It is also native to most of Europe. Ivy is known for its distinctive leaves...

Bee Audacious: Is Now the Time to Focus on Natural Resistance to Honey Bee Diseases?

25 April 2017

  Professor Francis Ratnieks recalls a recent trip to California and looks at the focus on natural resistance to honey bee diseases. In...

University of Sussex starts selling disease-resistant “hygienic” honey bee queens to UK beekeepers

20 May 2016

Scientists working at the Laboratory of Apiculture & Social Insects have set up a research spin-off business.

Scientists determine how to control parasite without harming bees

17 December 2015

Scientists have determined the best way of controlling Varroa mites – one of the threats facing honey bees – without harming the bees themselves.

‘Listen to the bees’ to create healthy rural landscapes, says Sussex study

22 May 2014

Honey bees’ foraging preferences provides valuable information for governments about how to better manage rural landscapes, saySussex researchers.

How ants handle rush hour

30 January 2013

Scientists at the University of Sussex have discovered how ants respond to heavy traffic to and from the nest.

Katherine’s busy summer for bee research

19 September 2012

Biology student Katherine Fensome spent the summer sitting on the beautiful Sussex Downs – but it was all in the cause of science.

How scent can net bigger reward for ants in hunt for food

29 June 2012

Biologists studying Brazilian ants have discovered how one species uses powerful scent trails to quickly recruit helpers in transporting prized food.

Sussex scientists discover first-ever bee ‘soldier’

9 January 2012

University of Sussex scientists working with researchers in Brazil have identified the first example of a ‘soldier’ bee.

Student buzzes the skies to map bee-friendly crops

8 June 2011

University of Sussex bee research student Mihail Garbuzov is a real high-flyer.

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