Department of Geography

Research highlights

A carbon time bomb?

How will thawing permafrost under a warmer climate affect carbon emissions to the atmosphere?

Small particles with a big impact

How does dust from the worlds deserts help support tropical oceanic and terrestrial ecosystems?

Every cloud has a silver lining

Will future climate change enhance groundwater resources?

Lost in translation?

How can we make climate predictions useful to farmers in Africa

Living with a changing climate

How have past societies responded?

Flip-flops in the desert

Why did the Sahara flip from green to brown in the mid-Holocene

Mysteries of the monsoon

The East Asian Summer monsoon during the the last deglaciation

Environmental refugees or climate adaptors

Is migration part of the solution to climate change adaptation?

Sustainable energy for all

How can international policy help deliver low carbon energy technologies in the developing world?

Breaking our carbon addiction

Can the arts and humanities help the public engage with low carbon behavior change?

Ecology from above

Can we improve our estimates of current and future carbon in forested ecosystems using satellite earth observation?