Department of Economics

Impact and Influence

Our faculty are driven by a desire to address critical global issues in economics in a way that will improve people’s lives – often the lives of the poorest.

Through advisor posts to national and international bodies (such as the Low Pay Commission, International Panel on Climate Change and the World Bank) providing impartial, evidence-based knowledge and rigorous analysis, collaborative research and engaging in public debate our work is making a difference - effecting changes in legislation, directing the policy debate, and resulting in the training of policy-makers.

Much of this impact has arisen because, as applied researchers, faculty focus on problems that are challenging policy-makers. However, the ultimate beneficiaries of our work are individuals from across the world engaged in a variety of activities; they include migrants in the Pacific, the low-paid in Britain, rural workers in India and consumers in the US.

Impact case studies

Within academia, members of the department regularly publish their work in some of the top economics journals in the world such as Review of Economics and Statistics, Economic Journal, and Canadian Journal of Economics . Furthermore, three members of faculty also hold journal editorial roles for Energy Economics, the World Trade Review, and the Review of Development Economics.

We are also focused on developing next generation of economists, many of our PhD research students have gone on to successful careers in as policy-oriented economist in government, international organisations or at other universities throughout the world. 

See our PhD Alumni page for further details.