Crime Research Centre

Knowledge exchange

An important element of the Crime Research Centre’s work is sharing our research expertise with the wider community through contributions to law reform consultations, expert consultancy, and a range of other activities. Through this work we aim to inform relevant law and policy, educate the public, and collaborate with community partners to tackle the challenges they face.

If you think your organisation or project could benefit from our expertise, please contact the Centre directors to discuss your requirements:

Some examples of our knowledge exchange and public engagement work include:

Law Reform Consultations

Expert advice


  • Dr Tanya Palmer was a member of the advisory panel for ‘Consent Matters’, a programme of sexual consent education for university students.

Membership of advisory boards

Collaborative research projects

  • Dr Mark Walters - ‘Policing Hate Crime: Modernising the Craft’. This is a joint project with the Metropolitan Police Service, Palantir Technologies, Demos, and CASM Consulting LLP, and is funded by the Police Knowledge Fund.
  • Dr Verona Ní Drisceoil - Roundtable including NGOs and survivors of the practice of FGM.

Media & Social Media