Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics - CCNR

Research Movies

The following movies are supporting material for the recent paper by Shim and Husbands. Yoonsik Shim and Phil Husbands (2012) Chaotic Exploration and Learning of Locomotion Behaviors Neural Computation. Vol. 24, No. 8, Pages 2185-222

Video 1. Straight swimming (ST).

Video 2. Peg Leg (PL).

Video 3. Bound Antiphase (BA).

Video 4. Vibration (VB).

Video 5. Rotate (R).

Video 6. Alternating behavior of 3-leg swimmer.

Video 7. Full process of the exploration and stabilisation onto circling (STC) movement of 4-Fin Swimmer followed by the realtime recovery after fin damage. Animating plot on the right side draws the afterimages of neural output pairs on the 2D plane which shows the qualitative behaviour of the stabilisation-destabilisation of system. Each coloured plot for x-y axes represents the anogist (left) oscillator output for the arms 1-2 (white), 1-3 (red), 1-4 (green).

Video 8. Exploration and stabilisation onto one of the high-performing quadruped walking gait.

Video 9. Realtime recovery after damage continued from Movie 8. Limb 8 was detached during locomotion.

Video 10. A bounding-like gait of quadruped which exploits ground slip.

Video 11. Quadruped locomotion with randomised limb sizes.

Video 12. Quadruped Type-2 which has a radially symmetric shape.

Video 13. Quadruped Type-3 which has an erect posture.

Video 14. Hexapod. Shape was extended from the previous quadruped.

Video 15. Cross-shaped articulation.