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Understanding the University’s committees and leadership groups

University committees are a key part of Sussex’s governance structure and decision-making processes. They make sure that we operate within the constitution of the University, and membership of these groups includes Academic and Professional Services staff.

Some committees are also leadership groups where Senior Academic and Professional Services staff come together to ensure that the University’s business is handled efficiently, and in accordance with the regulations of the University.

We’ve had feedback that it’s not always easy to find information about key University committees and leadership groups. That’s why we’ve updated the Governance and Compliance Committee page with links through to each committee and group so you can view their membership and papers. Below you can find out about the University’s four key leadership groups.

University leadership groups

You can click on each of the titles to see who sits on each of these groups.

Council, is the Governing Body of the University and sets University strategy and monitors performance. It’s made up of a majority of independent members.

Senate, is responsible for the academic standards and the direction and regulation of academic matters of the University.

University Executive Group (UEG), is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, and its membership consists of the Provost, Chief Operating Officer, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education and Students, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research (currently vacant), Pro-Vice-Chancellor Planning and Resources, Director of Finance and the Director of HR.

This group advises the Vice-Chancellor on a day-to-day basis, it considers major institutional business as well as providing a formal management link between the University Executive and Heads of School and Directors of Professional Services.

The work of UEG is to “steer” the University, and it is the first port of call for regular, collective consideration of current and upcoming institutional business. UEG prepares the work that needs to be done through the likes of Senate and Council and the other principal bodies of the University.

University Leadership Team (ULT), is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, and its membership consists of UEG, Heads of School, Directors from Professional Services and thematic Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellors.

ULT meets every two weeks to share information, discuss and make decisions to ensure that we deliver our Sussex 2025 Strategy.

As the University operates in a dynamic environment the University Executive Group and the University Leadership Team meet more frequently than Council and Senate.

If you have any questions about the University’s committees or leadership groups, please email the Governance team.


By: Charlie Littlejones
Last updated: Friday, 1 November 2019