Planning, Governance and Compliance


The Governance Office coordinates a number of committees to ensure institutional business is handled efficiently and in accordance with the Statutes and Regulations of the University.

For a general overview of the structure of the University's senior committees, refer to the Organisation of the University.  The full and official statement of the approved terms of reference, composition and reporting lines of University committees and officerships is set out in the Organisation of the University.

Please refer to the Committee timetable for information on when committees are scheduled throughout the current academic year.

Details of the membership, meeting dates and papers of University Committees are published and can be accessed via Sussex Direct.

Information on Committees management.

The following committees are currently handled by the division:

Audit and Risk Committee (of Council) Rowena Rowley
Capital Programmes Committee Paula Kirkland
Chairs' Committee Rowena Rowley 
Council Rowena Rowley
Executive Liaison Group Kate Knight
Strategic Performance and Resources Committee (of Council) Rowena Rowley
Student Experience Committee Frank Melmoe
Honorary Degrees Committee Kate Knight
Joint Planning Group (with University of Brighton)  
Remuneration Committee (A) - VC Pay 

Bridget Edminson

Remuneration Committee (B) - Staff Pay 

Bridget Edminson


Rowena Rowley 

Kate Knight


University Executive Group (UEG) Rowena Rowley
University Leadership Team (ULT)  Kate Knight