Strategy 2025

Sussex 2025 strategic framework

The University’s strategic framework was launched in July 2018 – and is called Sussex 2025. This framework sets out the overall vision for the University for the next seven years. It outlines our bold plans to reimagine the pioneering spirit of the University, for a new world and a new generation. It will enable us to become a better University, for a better world.

Booklet cover - Sussex 2025 Strategic Framework - A better University for a better worldStrategic Framework

Here you will find a downloadable version of the Sussex 2025 booklet. You can also receive a hard copy of this booklet by emailing Internal Communications: Please ensure you do this for all new members of staff. You can also read and understand our strategic vision by visiting the main Sussex 2025 webpages.


The four main pillars in Sussex 2025 are Learn to Transform [PDF 238KB]; Research with Impact [PDF 238KB]; Engage for Change [PDF 207KB] and Build on Strengths [PDF 57KB].

All now have individual strategies and a clearly defined set of aims and actions. Staff should familiarise themselves with this next level of detail as it will determine how we will deliver on the short and long term ambitions outlined in Sussex 2025.

Each of these four University-level strategies are available to download. Please take time to read these and discuss in team meetings. We have recently delivered a series of briefing sessions to provide staff with more information about the University-level strategies.

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