Sussex 2025

Our Strategic Framework

‘A Better University For a Better World’


In July 2018, we launched ‘A Better University For a Better World’ after listening to and then discussing and consulting with staff and students. It is our vision of what we want our University to be like in 2025 and beyond.

Since then, we have achieved some of the things we set out to do.

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However, due to Covid-19, the impact of Brexit and our declining student numbers, we have some tough decisions to make to keep us on track to deliver our strategic vision.

Our Values

Kindness | Integrity | Inclusion | Collaboration | Courage

Our Values shape what we say and do. They support us to create a culture that strives for excellence in everything we do. Through working and living by our values we create a shared mindset and culture that will help us achieve our Vision – and through them we can make Sussex an even better place to work, study and research.

Booklet cover - Sussex 2025 Strategic Framework - A better University for a better world

Our strategic areas

We have four University Strategies in the Framework, each with a set of aims and actions:

These four strategies are designed to guide us to 2025 and beyond. Academic schools and Professional Services divisions are developing their own strategies and operational plans under each strategy.

These will show how they will contribute to the University’s goals and priorities. A range of activities that have come from these strategies and plans have been prioritised. They are being actioned under what we call Phase One.

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