Sussex 2025

What we’ve done so far

See what we have achieved since we launched Strategy 2025, where we’ve had to pause and the things we need to do to thrive in the years ahead.

Since we launched the strategy

The world has changed a lot since we launched A Better University For a Better World – Sussex 2025 in July 2018.

It provides the vision of what we want Sussex to be like in 2025 and beyond. It’s crucial to support our long-term sustainability as a university.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that some work on Sussex 2025 had to be put on hold, some continued as planned and in some cases work was fast-tracked, while the University responded to student and staff needs.

In addition, the effects of Brexit as well as an uncertain climate for higher education mean we are reviewing our priorities against our strategy to ensure we achieve our ambitions of being a thriving and vibrant place to study and work.

Timeline of our progress

See what we’ve achieved. The most recent things appear first. Scroll down to go back in time.



  • Size and Shape programme concluded – academic size and shape work embedded into annual Academic Business Planning processes with Professional Services transitioning to new organisational structures


  • Review our progress against Sussex 2025.
  • Recommence work we put on hold and begin other work to put us on track to achieve our strategic aims.

Late 2020

Covid-19 pandemic

In March 2020, everything changed. So did we. Find out:

Early 2020



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We have been carrying out work as it applies to the four pillars of our strategic framework.

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