Sussex 2025

Smart Sussex

Smart Sussex is one of the enabling strategies of Sussex 2025. The strategy emphasises the University's ambition to pioneer the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies to deliver a distinctive learning experience as well as research and professional service benefits.

Smart Sussex will enable us to realise our ambition to provide a digitally-enhanced learning experience.

In Autum term 2019, we launched the Panopto video management platform. We have had fantastic feedback from students about how successful this has been and is transforming the way teaching is being delivered. Below, watch Head of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), David Walker, talk about the importance of Panopto for the University. 

Panopto usage between 23 September and 13 December 2019:

  • 7,019 sessions have been created (total of 6,591 hrs 45 mins)
  • 223,654 views or downloads of that content (average of 32 per session)
  • 74,457 hours of content watched to date

August 2020 update

While some progress had already begun on Smart Sussex, enabling us to realise our ambition to provide a digitally enhanced learning experience, the coronavirus lockdown has spurred the University into adopting significant changes to its teaching and learning approaches.

Up to 3,000 staff and 19,000 students can now log into Sussex systems remotely and complete their work or studies away from the campus.

The University has recently embraced a range of technologies: Canvas learning-management platform; Panopto lecture-capture software; Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure; Microsoft Teams for collaboration; Zoom video conferencing technology; Skype for Business; and LinkedIn Learning (our new learning platform for students and staff).