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Combined School Proposal approved by Council

In April this year, the Heads of School for History, Art History and Philosophy; English; Media, Film and Music; and the Director of the Sussex Centre for Language Studies submitted a proposal to UEG to enable them to explore the benefits in combining their schools into one entity.

This was approved and a comprehensive consultation and engagement process with hundreds of students and staff was initiated. These activities have been overseen by an Engagement Group, chaired by Provost Saul Becker, that was established to ensure that the comprehensive engagement process operated in a transparent manner – and to objectively take into account responses from staff and students throughout the process.

The outcome of the engagement process with students and staff was overall in favour of the four Schools coming together. Students and staff submitted their suggestions for a School structure.

The proposal and appendices including the outcomes of the consultation and engagement, along with accompanying reports from the Students’ Union and trade unions were submitted for consideration by Senate on the 11 December, where it was unanimously agreed to recommend the proposal to Council.

On the recommendation of Senate, the proposal was then approved by Council on the 18 December. This decision means that the Schools will now begin a transition process early in the New Year, working collaboratively to launch the new School in August 2020. A transition period will ensure that engagement continues with both staff and students in creating the structure and culture that will provide the best possible opportunities.

From August 2020, there will be a two year period during which the new School will begin wider transformation activity in areas including research culture and the curriculum.

For existing students the process of combining Schools will not impact their education or their awards.

Responding to these developments Saul Becker, Provost said:

“I want to thank everyone who has taken part in the consultation and engagement activities overseen by the Engagement Group.

“Fundamental to the success of the combined school proposal has been ensuring that the voices and opinions of students and staff have been at the heart of proceedings. This has been essential in helping us reach this outcome.”

Approximately 250 staff and 3,000 students will make up the new School and recruitment for a Dean of the Combined School has begun.

By: Harvey Atkinson
Last updated: Wednesday, 8 January 2020