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Inclusive Sussex

Culture, Equality and Inclusion is a huge priority for Sussex and its community. Lots of activity takes place at a local level within Schools and Divisions and is led by individuals, as well as institutional activity.

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Since the launch of Inclusive Sussex – the first enabling strategy to emerge from Sussex 2025 – a lot of hard work and collaboration between staff and students has taken place with the aim of transforming the campus into a more inclusive community.

Inclusive Sussex [PDF], as part of the University’s strategic framework for 2018-25, set out the necessary steps to ensure that all members of the Sussex community have equal access to opportunities.

Since the launch of the strategy in 2018, staff network groups, committees and action plans have been set up to deliver these, which you can read more about on the EDI webpages where you can read more about the goals of the strategy and the equality charters work.

In 2022, we continue to develop initiatives which are moving us forward towards our Inclusive Sussex goals – take a look at the information below to find out more about the work underway.

Tell us what’s going on in your School and Division to make Sussex more inclusive – email

The team driving forward our inclusivity work

Want to help us drive forward change? You can join a staff network group, become a dignity champion or become an EDI champion within your School or division.

David Ruebain


Working towards Inclusive Sussex

There are many ways you can share your experiences of working at Sussex:

Staff survey

Find out about the current staff survey, where you can share your views so action can be taken.

Dignity and respect

Read about our Dignity and Respect policy and learn about our network of champions.

Report and Support

Report unacceptable behaviours anonymously or by discussing the incident further with a trained advisor.

Equality charter marks

Our equality goal for Sussex is to reduce the gap in representation, experience, progression and reward related to protected characteristics.

To help identify trends and highlight areas for attention in our equalities work, we now ask staff to update their MyView portal with equalities data, which will be used anonymously.

Read our staff and student equality data, published annually on our webpages.

A flexible and inclusive place to work

A number of initiatives are making Sussex a more inclusive place to work:

  • Remote Working Framework – new ways of working to promote a flexible and inclusive culture
  • Flexible Sussex – allows a greater work / life balance and recognises individual needs
  • Kindness – Sussex is developing a specialism in the Psychology of Kindness
  • Community Pledge – we ask Sussex students and staff to demonstrate our values by signing our Community Pledge
  • Carer parking permits – special permits enable carers to find a parking space if they arrive after 9am, when car parks are more busy. This scheme is for carers who have a child under the age of 12, or an older dependent relative with a disability
  • Accessibility – we are committed to making sure our website is accessible all users, regardless of any impairment or disability.

Our use of the term 'BAME'

We recognise that the term ‘BAME’ - which stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic - is contested. For some it is considered as a homogenising term which does not appreciate the varied historical and lived experiences of those who have a wide range of heritages and are racially minoritised. Others find it helpful in specific contexts. Recognising this, we will take a flexible approach. For example, the work that we are undertaking at the University will endeavour to disaggregate data and other qualitative information to better understand the disadvantages faced by specific minoritised groups. Meanwhile, official data reporting processes set up by bodies such as Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) require us to report using the term BAME, so this terminology will still be present in some of our communications.

Looking after staff wellbeing

To support your physical and mental wellbeing, we have developed a range of support and resources, including:

  • a mental health forum, mental health first-aiders and a wider mental health policy
  • menopause support
  • mediation sessions.

Explore the staff wellbeing webpages.

See Sussex inclusivity updates