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Sussex launches Education Awards

Professor Kelly Coate, Pro Vice Chancellor for Education and Students

The University of Sussex has launched new awards for outstanding staff. Nominations will open to staff and students on Monday 18 March.

The new awards are an opportunity for staff and students to recognise members of staff – both academics and those in professional services – who truly embody the spirit and values of the University.

Kelly Coate (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students) is sponsor of the awards. She says: “The Education Awards are an opportunity for us to recognise those outstanding members of staff who make Sussex the fantastic place it is.

“Part of our Learn to Transform strategy, these awards celebrate staff who uphold the values that this university established at its founding and the ones that guide our future direction.

“We thank our staff who have the passion and talent to create a transformative, distinctive and rounded educational experience for all our students.”

The awards

There are five awards, four of which are open to all staff and one which is solely for staff with a teaching role (Teaching to Disrupt Award).

Sussex Spirit Award: An award that encompasses the five core values of kindness, integrity, inclusion, collaboration and courage, within the context of teaching and learning at Sussex. Winners of this award will demonstrably put into practice at least one of these core values.

Teaching to Disrupt Award: An award that recognises teaching staff who dare to be different in their approach, challenging current pedagogical practice and theory. Holders of this award are surprising, innovative and pioneering. They inspire their students’ critical or entrepreneurial imagination. 

Transformative Technology Award: This award will recognise staff who use technology in interesting and innovative ways in their work to enhance student learning, facilitate knowledge creation and aid educational administration. This could include using or developing leading-edge technologies, or using familiar technologies.

The Better World Award: This recognises staff who are actively engaged in efforts to make a positive impact in the local community and wider world in creative and entrepreneurial ways. In particular this award will recognise where community engagement has been built into the curriculum.

Learning Together Award: This award celebrates collaborations between staff and students and seeks to recognise those who embed meaningful participation in their approach to teaching and/or supporting the student experience. This could be through collaborative research projects or re-designing the curriculum, and may be demonstrated at a module-level or a wider interdisciplinary-level across the University. To be eligible for this award the nominees must be a team comprised of staff and students.

Submitting your nominations

Nominations will open on Monday 18 March. Staff and students will be able to submit their choices through a short online form, on either the staff pages or the Student Hub.

The form will ask the person completing the nomination to select the category their chosen individual or group should be considered for, followed by a short explanation (of up to 300 words) as to why they should receive this award.

Nominations will close at 5pm on Friday 5 April. A judging panel, convened by Kelly Coate, will then decide a shortlist for each award category. All shortlisted staff will be invited to attend an awards ceremony in June, where the winners for each award will be announced.

Information on the awards and the nomination form can be found on the Education Awards webpage.

Posted on behalf of: Sussex Campaigns
Last updated: Friday, 15 March 2019