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Accounting and finance students conduct audit to support School

A group of BSc Accounting and Finance students have conducted an audit with the aim of improving the stationery ordering process in the School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc), and have presented their findings to their tutors. 

The students, all taking the third year Audit module, undertook the extra-curricular activity in order to gain some real-world auditing experience on recommendation of their tutors Susan Smith (Teaching Fellow in Accounting) and Mark Fisher (Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting).

The task initially involved meeting with Professional Services staff from the BMEc School office to discuss existing processes and establish ways in which they might be improved, as well as which items of stationery can be ordered within the current budget.

Two students were tasked with looking at the ordering process itself, while the other three considered focused on goods received. 

Their recommendations included: 

  • implementing an editable online re-order list
  • limiting staff access to more expensive items of stationery
  • diversifying the supply chain in order to get better prices on items ordered. 

Susan Smith commended the students on their hard work:

'The students demonstrated a high level of professionalism in translating their learning into a practical assignment and we hope that some of their suggestions can be implemented by the school.

'In future we hope to extend this experience to a wider group of students.'

Mailea Harding, Reception Coordinator in the BMEc School office, added:

'The students' report was very thorough and our considerations were definitely taken into account by the group - it was great for the reception team to be able to work with students.' 

The students who took part were:

  • Alessandro Miele
  • Hannah Walder
  • Angus Hopkins
  • Matthew Pannett
  • Harry Emerson
  • Melissa Cox
  • Lok Man Shek. 

Angus commented:

'The experience gained from this task really helped us with our coursework.'

By: Russell Eke
Last updated: Thursday, 1 December 2016