Thermo-fluid Mechanics Research Centre


TFMRC Research Student Seminars 2020 / 2021

These are scheduled for 2pm to 3pm on the first Wednesday of each month (but not January). When it becomes permissible to do so the presentations will be given in the TFMRC Meeting Room. Until then, they will be Initially they will we given as online (Teams) presentations.

In these research seminars our Ph.D. students are given the opportunity to present the latest results of their work. The talk itself is should be planned to last approximately 30 minutes after which there is some time for questions. There may be occasions where the scheduled talk coincides with a School or Departmental meeting. In which case the talk will take place on the following Wednesday. I do not know those dates at present, but when I do so I will inform the appropriate speaker.




7th October 2020


Harri Koivisto: ClickShieldUS 

4th  November 2020


Thomas Irps: Separated Boundary Layer Transition Over the Suction Side of a Highly Loaded Compressor Blade

2nd December 2020


Ahmad Fikri Bin Mustaffa (Fikri): Stall Margin Improvement in Axial Compressors Using Circumferential Casing Grooves

3rd February 2021


Daniel Payne: Aerothermodynamics of Turbine Rim-seal ingestion

3rd March 2021


Milad Fazeli: Multiple Cavity LDA Measurements

14th April 2021 (moved one week to avoid a clash with Easter break)


Harri Koivisto:  Application of Thermo-Chromic Liquid Crystals to Heat Transfer Measurements in a Rotating Cavity

5th May 2021


Birol Gundogu: Pressure Gain Combustion

2nd June 2021


Emma Fox: Fast Response Flow Measurement in a Rotating Cavity

7th July 2021


Peiying Sun: Computational Modelling Blood Flow in the Aorta

4th August 2021


Jonathan Highgate: Computational and Experimental Analysis of Pump Flow