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See the Refund Policy for the Summer School Programme below.

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As the Contract between you and the University has been made exclusively by means of distance communication, You have the right to a full refund of any Summer School Tuition or other Programme Fees paid to the University within fourteen (14) days of accepting the Offer, referred to as the cooling off period.

If within the cooling off period, You have already moved into University accommodation or attended classes on Your Module, you will lose the right to a full refund of any Programme or other Fees paid.

Withdrawal before the start of the Summer School (22 June 2020)

If You withdraw or cancel Your attendance on the Summer School before 21 June 2020 we will give You a full refund of any Programme Fees paid less a £150 administration fee.  However, if you have already moved into University accommodation by the date of cancellation or withdrawal, the University shall also make a pro rata deduction for accommodation and Programme benefits already undertaken.

Withdrawal on or after the start of the Summer School (22 June 2020)

If You withdraw or cancel the Contract after the Summer School has started a refund of Programme Fees will only be made in extremely limited circumstances detailed below and will not be given if you change your mind and decide you no longer want to take up your place.

The University may issue a refund of all or any part of Programme Fees if one of the following grounds applies:

(a) If you have been refused a visa to study on the Summer School unless there was a clear error or omission made by you in your application which is given by the UKVI as a reason for refusal (e.g. false documents were supplied). The Visa Refusal letter issued by the Home Office must be submitted with any request for a refund, as evidence, which will be considered by the University in determining whether a refund will be given.

(b) If there are severe, unanticipated and exceptional circumstances beyond your control which justify and prevent you from arriving to start Your Module, You should contact If there is an option to defer your place to the second Session of the current Summer School year, which You accept, the University may carry the Programme Fees forward for this course of study. If this is not an option, then the University will require details and evidence of the extenuating circumstances and shall consider whether a refund can be made.

How to apply for a Refund

Any applications for a refund of a Tuition Fee or other Programme Fees paid under this policy must be made in writing to as soon as possible. The Summer School will assess your request and decide if you are entitled to a refund.

Approved refunds will be processed in accordance with the Finance Refund and Methods of Refund policies detailed on our website. Refunds will be made at the rate of exchange in force on the date the refund is processed. Any charges levied by the receiving bank will be paid by you. The University shall not be liable for any shortfall due to exchange rate fluctuations. For further information on this policy, please contact

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