Meeting the conditions of your offer

To satisfy conditions on your offer you will need to provide evidence of your qualifications.

Academic conditions

You will need to provide your final degree certificate (or provisional certificate) and your final consolidated transcript (or separate transcripts that cover the full course of study) in order to meet your offer conditions.

These documents will need to confirm:

• The title of the qualification awarded

• The date the qualification was awarded

• The final classification, percentage or GPA of the qualification (depending on the condition of your offer)

If you are unable to provide these documents

We may on a case-by-case basis be able to accept an official letter from your university confirming the above details providing it is on letterheaded paper and bears the stamp or seal of your university.

We are unable to accept e-transcripts and e-certificates. 

English language conditions

Your offer letter will state if you need to meet our English language entry requirements.

List of qualifications we accept.

Duolingo results need to be referred to the University for verification. You can do this by logging into your account, click on the “Send Results” button next to your test results, and select ‘The University of Sussex PGT’.

Submitting your documentation

Academic and English language results must be submitted via your online application account.

If you have applied via an agent they will need to do this on your behalf.


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