Flight arrangements

Sussex is proactively looking at ways to improve travel options for international students. Read more about the Key Travel booking portal.

Key Travel booking portal

The University of Sussex is collaborating with our travel partner Key Travel to provide a travel booking portal offering beneficial fares for our students.

What you’ll get

The Key Travel booking portal will provide you with:

  • access to academic rates (often discounted) as well as public fares
  • increased flexibility
  • discounted or waived cancellation and change fees on academic fares (depending on the terms and conditions of the ticket)
  • additional baggage allowance (depending on the ticket terms and conditions of the ticket)
  • 24/7 support for all bookings.

You are not obliged in any way to use this portal, however if you are interested in gaining access, by completing the form you are giving Key Travel the explicit right to use your data to register you for this portal. 



Contact china@sussex.ac.uk for any questions.