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Getting through your dissertation infographic

Writing a dissertation might seem daunting. It may be the longest piece of work you’ve ever written.

Break down the project into steps so you can manage it more easily and draw up a timetable at the start.  

The infographic at the top of this page was created by Professor Alison Phipps and offers some general tips on getting through the process of dissertation writing. (Also available a text version for screen readers and a full-size, downloadable version of the inforgraphic). 

You can find information about each of these key steps right here on Skills Hub by following the links below.

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Access our Writing your dissertation Canvas resources where you can:

  • Hear from students also writing their dissertations
  • Get advice from professional writers with the Royal Literary Fund
  • Listen to a podcast guide talking you through the process of writing your dissertation
  • Watch videos answering frequently asked questions about dissertations

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