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Writing your dissertation

‘Write, write, write. Don’t be afraid to start writing!’
(Josie, Third-year Global Studies)

Start writing from the beginning of the project, in note form. If you have ideas for the methodology, write them down. As you read the relevant literature, make notes for the literature review. 

Once you have planned and structured your dissertation, you can write in any order you like. You may prefer to write the introduction towards the end, and the abstract last.

Edit your work as you go along. You could write in the morning and edit in the afternoon.

Always back up your work in at least one place!


‘If you leave paragraphs or sentences half-finished or informally drafted, highlight them and note down their position in the document before you move on.’ (Ghaleb, Third-year Geography student)

‘It can be difficult to cut things when you're reaching the word limit, but if you've spent enough time writing it you should know the material, know how to synthesise it, perhaps recognise where you've made the same argument several times in slightly different ways.’ (Josie, Third-year Global Studies)

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