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Theoretical dissertation sections

Title page

The title of your dissertation and the author – you!


A summary of your dissertation. See abstracts

Table of contents

Set up your table of contents at the start – go to ITS for workshops on creating long documents in Word.


Thank the people who helped you with your dissertation.


Analytical writing 

  • Grab your reader’s attention – why is this study of interest?
  • Context – show how your study fits within your discipline in general
  • Focus in on the narrower context, within the sub-discipline
  • Introduce your argument
  • Overview of structure of dissertation
  • Depending on your discipline, the literature review might be included in the introduction.  

Literature review

Analytical writing

• Show how your work fits within the context of others' work. Select and comment on the relevant literature.

• This is a substantial section of your dissertation - 25 to 30%


Analytical writing

  • The main body of your dissertation will probably have about 3 chapters. 
  • Treat each chapter like a mini-essay. In the introduction, explain what you’re going to cover and its importance to your overall question. Summarise in the conclusion.


Analytical writing 

  • Summarise your overall argument; make sure you’ve answered the research question/s; discuss implications.


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