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How to use feedback

It is never easy to receive feedback which criticises your work. You may even feel upset or confused about the feedback you get. However, your tutor is marking your work according to specific assessment criteria and wants to help you. So read through the comments several times to ensure it makes sense to you.

Look for what you did well and feel pleased about that. Next, go through the negative points and review the assignment guidelines to make sure you understand what you did wrong. Look back at your work and identify some goals to help you improve next time.

Keep a positive attitude about the feedback you receive and remember that it will help you to progress.

Compare your marks for different modules, and for assignments within modules on Canvas. Marks for each year are released the following September. So in September of your third year, you will be able to look at all your marks from the second year.



Third-year English Literature

View Kalim's student perspective


I think I need to start trying to use the feedback resources that are there more and I don't think hardly anyone I know does use them enough. But the chance to go and actually speak to your tutor or speak to your academic advisor is a really good one and it's a crime actually that I haven't been hardly at all in two years. Because that would be really good to speak to your tutor about an essay or just about writing styles.

I just generally read my feedback that I get on essays or online and that's about it and I do register it but often once you've written an essay you don't want to think about it ever again and you get the grade and you just read the feedback and it's done.

But what I plan to start doing is actually reading through the essay again to get it fresh in my mind. Because normally you get an essay back a month or a few weeks afterwards and you've forgotten about it. So read it through again and then read the comments to see what they're actually talking about and then I think it will settle more deeply.




Second-year Psychology

View Veronika's student perspective


With feedback on essays for it to be really useful for future you have to keep looking through it and especially search for things that you've done again and again. For example, if you haven't referenced properly that's an easy way to lose marks - but also an easy way to gain marks because it really is quite simple once you learn how to do it. And in Psychology it is really important. We have specific guidelines but once you learn it, which is not hard, then you get those marks every time.

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