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Giving feedback about Sussex

Feedback from you is essential for the University of Sussex to improve your experience here, and is therefore welcomed in a number of ways, including

Module evaluations

Your experience on each module and your opinions about the teaching, learning and assessment are very important. Student feedback is usually obtained via evaluation questionnaires, made available towards the end of a module. This process is increasingly moving online. Listening to your views can help those designing courses to identify problems and improve the quality of the module for future students. The feedback given by students will be summarised and publicised on a school notice board or website. A number of tutors now include the changes they made as a result of feedback in the module handbook the following year.
On some modules you may have less formal evaluations during the module. This allows the tutor to collect information on the your perceptions and make changes, if appropriate, before the end of the module.

Student representative scheme

Student representatives are democratically elected to represent the student body. They enable a useful link between staff and students and can provide helpful feedback to staff on modules and courses. All reps attend school staff and student meetings and are able to raise issues there. The scheme is a good way for you to raise any concerns that you have about the university, anything from academic provision to personal complaints. In addition to feeding into schools, student reps also report back to the Education Officer of the Students' Union. This allows for your concerns to become part of Union policy. Don't hesitate to get in contact with your student rep or go straight to your Education Officer. For further information about student reps visit the Student Representative Scheme webpages.


Other ways to give feedback are:

  • National Student Survey - completed in your final year. This survey provides students with an opportunity to make their opinions count at national level.
  • Informal face-to-face discussions

Hear Charlie and Jess talk about their experience as a student reps


Second year maths

View Charlie's student perspective


In my first year of University I've been a student rep for the math's department, which has enabled me to meet all the staff as well as organizing events for the whole faculty. The meetings we have with the Math's reps anybody can come along to and make criticisms and suggest ideas of how things can be improved. Or as an alternative I'm there for my year if they want to use me.


Third year Chemistry

View Jess's student perspective


When I came to sussex in my first year I got to know about the student rep scheme and it was quite interesting and I thought well it would be nice to be able to give something back. I have got to know my class mates now and I'd like to be able to help if they have got any problems so I went through the voting week and I nominated myself and got a few votes and I got to be a student rep.

I've actually been a student rep for the other two years that I have been here as well and in that time I have managed to help make some changes in our department. The thing with the dept is that the people they need to hear the feedback from is the students. If you've struggled with something or if you found a course really, really interesting or really not interesting. If there has been some sort of timetable mix up, they need to hear from you so that they can fix these things and every term you get to go to a meeting with a range of the faculty and go and express your concerns. It's a nice way to be able to get the feedback going but it is also good to be able to talk to your departmental member, faculty and get you know, honest feedback from them about what you as students could also be doing to help yourselves.

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