Open Methods

Psychological Methods and Open Science - Promoting best practice in Open Science and statistics

Open science is the idea that scientific knowledge, and the process of producing scientific knowledge, should be freely accessible, transparent, reproducible, replaceable, and inclusive. Parson’s et al (2022) lists six major aspects of open science: Open data, open methodology, open source, open access, open peer review, and open educational resources.

The Psychological Methods and Open Science hub brings together expertise in psychological research methods and statistics to promote the principles of Open Science and ensure the highest standards of statistical and methodological practice. This aim is achieved through direct collaboration on research grants and papers and by providing high quality training and consultancy to advance statistical and methodological literacy at all levels within the academic teaching and learning pathway. Here you can find a range of information resources and tools, as well as a directory of expertise within the University of Sussex community and our collaborators for further information and advice.


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