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Dr Katerina Deligiorgi

Location:ARTS A A027
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I encountered philosophy early on, as a mouldy copy of Aristotle's On memory and reminiscence, which I found intriguing. My formal philosophical education took place much later at the University of Essex and at the Institut Catholique in Paris.

My interests were decisively shaped by my encounter with classical German philosophy, Kant and Hegel in particular. I was awarded a PhD from the University of Essex for a thesis on the relation between transcendental and absolute idealism.

My current research is on the metaphysics and psychology of freedom.

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Community and Business

I often participate in public debates on topics related to my research, here is a panel discussion on the topic 'Is Autonomy a Myth?' from the Battle of Ideas (2015):

Relating to the topic of autonomy, I am collaborating with colleagues in Philosophy and external partners to develop a network on Ethics in Finance:

Together with other colleagues in Philosophy, we have set up The Philosophy Resource aimed at students and teachers of A-level and IB philosophy. My contribution is on the notion of tolerance: