PhD projects and research successes

Read the example PhD thesis titles below to get an idea of the type of subjects our previous students have researched. Our alumni have successfully achieved research degrees in these areas, under the expert guidance of our lecturers and professors

Art History

American Studies

English Language and Linguistics

English literature and creative writing

Film Studies

Media, Journalism and Cultural Studies 

Media Production and Filmmaking

Modern languages and English language teaching

  • 2020

    Asma Asiri (Saudi Arabia) 2020, The rendition of “humour” in the Arabic translations of Mark Twain’s works.

  • 2019

    Theresa Clementson2019, Towards a transformative pedagogy for developing academic voice for non-native speakers of English as an academic language.

    Abdulrahman Alsaedi2019, The use of metaphor at times of political and economic crises in Saudi newspapers.

  • 2018

    Hannah Stewart2018, British media representations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Loubna Gueche, 2018, Intercultural politeness: The case of first encounter interactions between postgraduate international students.

  • 2016

    Fatmah Alhazmi2016, Social media as a Liberating Virtual Space for Saudi Women.

    Adam Stewart, 2016, Minimalism and Construction Grammar: Second Language Acquisition of Topics, Focus and Force.

    Danya Shaalan2016, Saudi women’s personal theories of English language learning motivation: a case study of PNU students.