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Learn from research-active scientists who work in fields across the Life Sciences. From Chemistry to Conservation – explore our range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

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    Want to help shape a better world through science?

    Want to tacke real-world problems?

    And create world-changing impact?

    It all starts at the University of Sussex.

    Our research-focused courses span the whole of Life Sciences: 






    Ecology and Conservation 

    Biomedical Science


    Using the latest in cutting-edge advances. 

    Guided by world-leading experts.

    Gain hands on experience, both in our teaching labs and out in the field. 

    Influence important policies on things such as the pesticides that kill our wildlife, and policies that protect endangered species. 

    Work towards unlocking the secrets of the brain and ending the despair of cancer and Alzheimer's. 

    Join a community of leading scientists and like-minded students striving to make the world a better place for all. 

    And follow in the footsteps of our three nobel prize winning alumni. 

    We're here today to train the scientists of tomorrow. And you could be one of them. 

    Find out more about Life Sciences.

By joining the School of Life Sciences, you will work on your own research projects alongside world-leading scientists. You'll gain valuable real-world skills and experiences, boosting your future employment prospects. Dr zahid pranjol
Deputy Head of School (Education)


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