• Project Team

     John Drury Profile Picture

    John Drury - Principal Investigator, University of Sussex 


     Lund University Logo

    Silvia Arias - Postdoctoral Researcher, Lund University 


     Terry Au-Yuenge Profile

    Terry Au-Yeung - Postdoctoral Researcher, Keele University 


     Demot Barr Profile Picture

    Dermot Barr - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sussex 


    Photo of Linda Bell 





    Linda Bell - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sussex 


    Toby Butler Profile Picture

    Toby Butler - Consultant Historian


     Holly Carter Profile Picture

    Holly Carter - Co-investigator, Public Health England 


     Sanjeedah Choudhury Profile Picture

    Sanj Choudhury – Research Support Coordinator, University of Sussex 


     Photo of Nils Devynck





    Nils Devynck – Research Student, University of Sussex 


     Nick Douglas Profile Picture

    Nick Douglas – Web Manager, University of Sussex 


     Picture of Joakim Eriksson

    Joakim Eriksson - Postdoctoral Researcher, Lund University 


      Photo of Cagla Gayretli





    Cagla Gayretli – Research Student, University of Sussex 


    Photo of Simaran Lalli 





    Simran Lalli - Research Student, University of Sussex  


    Photo of Harry Linfield 





    Harry Linfield - Research Student, University of Sussex  


      Photo of Fergus Neville





    Fergus Neville - Co-investigator, University of St Andrews 


     Picture of Enrico Ronchi

    Enrico Ronchi - Co-investigator, Lund University 


     Steve Reicher Profile Picture

    Steve Reicher - Co-Investigator, University of St Andrews 


     Clifford Stott Profile Picture

    Clifford Stott - Co-Investigator, Keele University 


    Deborah Tallent Profile Picture

    Deborah Tallent - Project Manager, Keele University 


     Maika Telga Profile Picture

    Maika Telga - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of St Andrews 


     Anne Templeton Profile Picture

    Anne Templeton - Co-Investigator, University of Edinburgh
  • Project Advisory Group

     Marcus Beale Profile Picture

    Marcus Beale, Former Senior Police Officer & Professor of Practice, Keele Policing Academic Collaboration

    Daniel Cartwright Profile Picture 

    Daniel Cartwright, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Fire and Rescue Service National Resilience

     Erica Kuligowski Profile Picture

    Erica Kuligowski, Vice-Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow, RMIT University