Keele Policing Academic Collaboration

The Keele Policing Academic Collaboration (KPAC) brings together one of the UK’s most significant academic policing research collaborations focused on partnerships between academics within Keele University and regional, national and international policing partners. Its primary purpose is to generate public value on issues related to policing, community safety and justice by providing an effective platform for the co-creation, sharing and application of knowledge. Knowledge co-production is central to KPAC’s mission - the idea of academics, policing partners and stakeholders working together to shape priorities and activities - combining practical expertise, academic knowledge and stakeholder perspectives across a broad range of issues to address the full range of challenges faced by modern policing.
Keele’s contribution to the UKRI project will be focused on the UK’s civil contingency response. Researchers within KPAC will explore how the authorities handled the crisis and how their actions impacted upon people’s capacities and willingness to adhere to Government advice. The research will be vital in assessing how societies can be better prepared to cope with future mass outbreaks of diseases.
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