Syed Jazib Ali

Meet Syed Jazib Ali, who is attending COP26 in November. Hear about Syed Jazib Ali's expectations for the event and why it's so important for the planet.

Syed Jazib Ali

About Syed Jazib Ali

Syed Jazib Ali, is an MA student in Journalism and Documentary Practice at the University of Sussex.

How important are global events like COP26 in setting the world in the right direction on climate change, sustainability and the environment?

"COP26 is a significant global event in setting the world in the right direction on climate change and a sustainable environment. We live in a world where people largely trust their institutions and governments and therefore trust the directionality they set. The priorities and action plan designed in COP26 will influence public policy and inspire civil society, markets, and other organisations. The impact is so huge; there is a need to optimise these events and serve for the better good of everyone and the planet."

If the world could come together over issue/one resolution at this year's COP, what would you want that to be?

"I want to feel hope, see the world finally acknowledging climate urgency and its root causes, as well as the actual threat to our future. I hope to see ambitious targets and immediate and drastic actions addressed with realistic and pragmatic approaches. I want to see the promises made by the policymakers and decision-makers in Paris delivered in Glasgow this year."

With the world’s two largest emitters (China and the US) making up over a 50% of global totals, would COP be viewed as a failure if new binding agreements that include both nations were not successfully negotiated?

"I am not a climate expert, but I understand that US and China are global leaders and essential players in climate negotiations. The COP has successfully managed to get the world leaders at one platform to discuss the most important crisis of our lifetimes, no matter their political agendas and rivalries. The failure of climate negotiations by the two nations or any nation cannot undermine the potential and achievements of COP."

Is the UK right to call itself a climate leader, does it have the necessary moral authority to lead a transformative agenda at COP26?

"The UK has not yet delivered the promises to be the climate leader it claims to be but can be one. The UK has indeed the necessary moral authority to lead a transformative agenda at COP26. I have come across unique projects and work, inspiring pieces of innovation and diverse and participatory approaches to different issues. The UK has the potential and resources to scale these up and act as a real climate leader, making up for harmful actions taken in the past."

How does your work/studies fit around the themes and issues of COP?

"I am a journalist and documentary filmmaker with a working background in humanitarian and social causes. I have a passion for storytelling with human interest, and I believe that there is no more important story to tell other than the climate urgency. I have learned climate change and sustainability is more critical topic than I was aware of initially. Through my experience in storytelling, I realised the deep connection and interdependence between social issues and climate change. Oppressed and underdeveloped regions are often the most impacted by climate change, opening up a new level of inequality. Climate change as a whole is a story about power and oppression in itself, which has resulted in the deterioration of entire ecosystems while focusing on the well-being and profits of a small percentage of the global population."

What will you be doing at COP26 and what do you hope to get out of it personally? 

"I will be a part of the panel, followed by the premiere of our ActNowFilmproject at the COP26 in Glasgow on Nov 11. Our youth climate film is a part of the official green zone events line-up at the COP26. The film is a result of the contributions of many students, volunteers and a fantastic management team. I will also be volunteering with the COP26 coalition helping them in collective coverage of the COP26 events. I am also a part of the Minga Indegina audio-visual team, representing indigenous people at the COP26 summit. COP26 has created a platform for climate enthusiasts to come together, network and learn from each other. Such events and experiences are helping me grow and nourish my personal and professional life."

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