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The lockdown booze: How is Coronavirus affecting the UK’s drinking habits?

24 April 2020

A new research project is exploring how the Coronavirus lockdown is affecting people's attitudes towards drinking and their alcohol intake.

Eating junk food every day impairs memory and appetite control

20 February 2020

New research by psychologists in Australia, USA and the University of Sussex shows how eating ‘junk food’ affects the hippocampus.

University of Sussex retains award for excellence in researchers’ career development

11 February 2020

HR In Excellence in Research Award goes to University of Sussex for sixth consecutive year for excellence in supporting researchers develop careers.

Calling all brave young things: new study on how risky play affects kids’ emotional wellbeing

27 January 2020

A Sussex psychologist is leading a new study to explore the effect of adventurous play on children’s emotional wellbeing.

Dogs recognise words and voices, University of Sussex research shows

4 December 2019

Dogs are able to recognise the same word spoken by different people and discriminate between unfamiliar people by the sound of their voice alone.

Dogs match what they see with what they hear – University of Sussex research shows

13 November 2019

University of Sussex research shows dogs match high and low pitch sounds with the position of objects, such as bouncing ball - just like people do

The only ‘safe’ phone in a car is one that's switched off

13 August 2019

Studies by Dr Graham Hole and Dr Gemma Briggs demonstrate driving while using a hands-free device is just as dangerous as a hand-held mobile phone.

New test to diagnose synaesthesia in children

30 July 2019

Neuroscientists at the University of Sussex have developed a simple test that can spot synaesthesia in children as young as six years old.

Psycho-oncologist receives prestigious award

1 April 2019

Dame Lesley Fallowfield has been recognised for her leading role in advancing the science and care of breast cancer patients.

Depression in your twenties linked to memory loss in your fifties, find Sussex psychologists

21 March 2019

A link is found between depression experienced in people's twenties, thirties and forties, with a decrease in memory function in their fifties.

Best friends like the Kardashians? Or rivals like the Milibands? How sibling relationships form

17 January 2019

How do sibling relationships form? Sussex researchers seek mums expecting baby number two

Sussex neuroscientist stars in new Werner Herzog-linked Netflix documentary

14 August 2018

Professor Anil Seth features as one of nine world-renowned experts sharing ideas in a new Vice Media documentary.

UK’s first clinic to prevent family transmission of anxiety launches in Sussex

15 June 2018

The UK’s first clinic to prevent family transmission of anxiety launches in Sussex today, Friday 15 June.

When life gives you lemons, you take more risks

7 June 2018

Scientists at the Sussex Computer Human Interaction Lab have found for the first time evidence that sour tastes lead to more risk-taking behaviour.

New mums’ voices get lower after pregnancy, shows a University of Sussex study

30 May 2018

Voice drops after pregnancy by one piano note, and lasts for a year.

Analysing the 2011 riots: Why the emotional impact extended far beyond the affected communities

10 May 2018

New research investigating the emotional effects of the 2011 riots in England has found that black neighbourhoods were particularly severely impacted.

Sussex psychologist recognised for research impact

1 May 2018

Sussex psychologist Dr John Drury has been recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council for the impact of his research on public policy.

University of Sussex on 'The One Show'

6 April 2018

Clinical psychologist Dr Kathy Greenwood appeared on BBC One's ‘The One Show’ to discuss SlowMo, the UK’s first digital therapy for paranoia.

Sussex research reveals brain mechanism involved in language learning

15 March 2018

Learning a new language may be more of a science than an art, a University of Sussex study finds.

Trauma and dementia patients given hope by ‘flashbulb memory’ breakthrough

9 March 2018

Scientists have made a breakthrough in detailing the formation of memories that help snails find to treats and war survivors to repeat their trauma.

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