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Simple blood test could one day diagnose motor neurone disease

18 June 2020

Sussex researchers identify unique biomarker opening the door to future developments which allow for quicker diagnosis.

University of Sussex retains award for excellence in researchers’ career development

11 February 2020

HR In Excellence in Research Award goes to University of Sussex for sixth consecutive year for excellence in supporting researchers develop careers.

Research reveals stark inconsistencies in official UK guidance on Lyme disease

23 January 2020

Patients and healthcare professionals are receiving ‘mixed messages’ about symptoms and diagnosis, according to Sussex research.

Climate change already damaging health of world's children, according to Lancet report

14 November 2019

A new report, co-authored by experts at the University of Sussex, warns about the health impact of climate change on the world’s children.

Cancer treatment could become more effective thanks to computer algorithms

26 April 2019

Researchers have shown how network algorithms could be used improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment by predicting interactions between genes.

Genetic defect causing intellectual disability discovered by Sussex scientists

18 April 2019

Researchers have discovered a new genetic defect which causes a form of intellectual disability; a finding that will improve screening programmes.

Face-to-face HIV testing preferred option by men who have sex with men

11 April 2019

A new collaborative study involving BSMS shows a clear overall preference for face-to-face HIV testing by a healthcare professional.

Psycho-oncologist receives prestigious award

1 April 2019

Dame Lesley Fallowfield has been recognised for her leading role in advancing the science and care of breast cancer patients.

‘Game changing’ test can predict how people with leukaemia will respond to chemotherapy

27 February 2019

The first test to quickly and accurately predict how people will respond to leukaemia treatment has been developed by a researcher at BSMS.

The stress-free way to listen to your unborn baby’s heart

22 October 2018

Checking the heartbeat of babies in the womb is set to become more accurate and less stressful for expectant mothers.

UK’s first clinic to prevent family transmission of anxiety launches in Sussex

15 June 2018

The UK’s first clinic to prevent family transmission of anxiety launches in Sussex today, Friday 15 June.

Iodine fortification in early life could increase childhood IQ

26 March 2018

A study by University of Sussex researchers suggests that Universal Salt Iodisation increases childhood cognitive test scores.

Trauma and dementia patients given hope by ‘flashbulb memory’ breakthrough

9 March 2018

Scientists have made a breakthrough in detailing the formation of memories that help snails find to treats and war survivors to repeat their trauma.

GPs urged to encourage LGBT patients to come out

31 January 2018

Disclosing sexual orientation could lead to improved healthcare, new BSMS research finds.

New discovery into cells’ energy supply could lead to targeted cancer treatment

15 January 2018

Scientists make significant breakthrough in understanding how the molecular machines producing key proteins in the power packs of cells are cleaned.

New brainstem changes identified in Parkinson’s disease

4 January 2018

A study has found patients with Parkinson’s disease have more errors in the mitochondrial DNA within the brainstem, leading to increased cell death.

Ground-breaking dementia project wins another award

23 November 2017

A ground-breaking project to help improve the care people with dementia receive now and in the future has won another top NHS award.

Solving of a decade-long mystery could help in fight against TB

1 November 2017

Scientists have solved a decade-old mystery that could lead to the development of earlier treatments for one of the world’s deadliest diseases.

DIY lab technique to revolutionise training for neuroscientists

18 July 2017

A Sussex neuroscientist has come up with an inexpensive way to self-manufacture lab equipment.

Scientists to develop life-transforming drugs for Huntington’s disease sufferers

19 May 2017

The University of Sussex is to lead a multi-million pound project to treat the debilitating symptoms of Huntington’s disease.

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