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Pablo Escobar's hippos might have helped to restore local ecological diversity

25 March 2020

Hippos brought into Colombia by Pablo Escobar could have helped to restore ecological diversity in the surrounding area, according to a new study.

Common treatments used on cattle have devastating impacts on wildlife, new study reveals

18 March 2020

Experts have stressed an urgent need to find alternatives to wormers and anti-ectoparasitic products used widely on cattle, following new research.

A decade of sluggish action has left nations needing to slash emissions at twice the pace originally estimated

4 March 2020

Experts reveal a vast gap between current global emissions and where they should be heading to meet the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Gone with the wind - extreme weather poses threat to honey bees as wind reduces efficiency of foraging

19 February 2020

High wind speeds can significantly reduce the efficiency of a honey bee’s search for food, according to a new research paper published this week.

University of Sussex retains award for excellence in researchers’ career development

11 February 2020

HR In Excellence in Research Award goes to University of Sussex for sixth consecutive year for excellence in supporting researchers develop careers.

Small change for climate change: Why research funding to save the world needs to be drastically stepped up

16 January 2020

Between 1990 and 2018, less than 4.59% of the global funding totalling more than $1.3 trillion was spent on climate-related research.

Sustainable supply of minerals and metals key to a low-carbon energy future

3 January 2020

The low-carbon revolution could be at risk without new international agreements to ensure a sustainable supply of rare minerals and metals.

Global levels of biodiversity could be lower than we think, new study warns

2 December 2019

Biodiversity could be in a worse state than we think, as assessments fail to account for long-lasting impacts of abrupt land changes.

New report shows British wildlife is continuing to decline at an alarming rate

4 October 2019

The UK’s wildlife is continuing to decline, according to a new report co-authored by a University of Sussex Professor.

Director of SSRP represents global science community at international summit on Sustainable Development Goals

30 September 2019

The Director of the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme was one of three chosen to represent the science community at a summit for the SDGs.

New £1.25 million study will explore how to deliver a fair and just Net Zero transition

20 September 2019

A new three-year research project will explore ways to ensure that the UK’s shift to a low-carbon society does not leave anyone behind.

Experts warn UK food safety at risk with public softened up for lower standards

13 September 2019

Warning that Government is softening up public for lower food standards, including chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef imports, after Brexit.

No-deal chaos to hit food businesses trading across the Irish border, warn experts

22 August 2019

Crashing out of the EU without a deal could cause some Irish food businesses to go out of business within days.

Wind it up: Europe has the untapped onshore capacity to meet global energy demand

14 August 2019

Europe has the capacity to produce more than 100 times the amount of energy it currently produces through onshore windfarms, new analysis reveals.

Killings of environmental defenders strongly linked to corruption and weak rule of law, according to new study

6 August 2019

New research paper finds that the number of recorded deaths of environmental defenders is now similar to those from war zones.

Climate change poses greater risk to global development than climate action does

15 July 2019

Climate change threatens nearly all UN SDGs but well-planned climate mitigation and adaptation would contribute to achieving 80 percent of targets.

Shifting the focus: energy demand in a net-zero carbon UK

5 July 2019

CREDS launches first major report advising demand-side change has a major role to play in delivering an affordable, net-zero carbon energy system.

Unclear nuclear: How UK energy consumers unwittingly pay for military infrastructures

12 June 2019

UK energy consumers are unknowingly subsidising the high cost of military nuclear infrastructures, documents new testimony to a Parliamentary inquiry.

No more Hoover dams: Hydropowered countries suffer higher levels of poverty, corruption and debt

12 April 2019

Countries relying on hydropower have seen their poverty, corruption and debt levels rise and their economy slow at greater rates than other nations.

Successful student campaign turning search engine hits into trees by the thousands

12 April 2019

Three campaigning students have helped Sussex become the most active university in the world using an environmentally-friendly search engine.

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