About CGI

The Centre is an interdisciplinary scholarly community that rethinks the formations, geographies and embodied experiences of insecurities from a global perspective.

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About CGI

As a boundary-crossing research centre, CGI is interested in finding progressive ways of addressing global insecurities outside the securitising logics of a state-centric world by:

Analysing how insecurities at the local level, including armed conflicts, climate change, genocide, dispossession and marginalization, are constituted and embodied through global politics, including the colonial making of the modern world, imperialism and violent state processes.

Rethinking the geographies and imaginaries of insecurity which move away from the violent common-sense scholarly, policy and public ideas that regard state and non-state actors in the ‘global south and east’ as a perpetual source of insecurity.

Broadening the disciplinary and methodological frames for conceptualising and studying global insecurities by drawing on a range of critical, decolonial and postcolonial traditions. In so doing, CGI contributes to the project of disrupting and dismantling colonial and racial conceptions of security, geopolitics and war, and the hierarchies of knowledge and life produced within these.

Decentering the view which structures mainstream research that the security of the ‘global north’ can be achieved through military dominance, pacification and containment of the ‘global south’. We seek to be reflexive about modes of creating knowledge and about the possibilities and limitations of governing security and insecurity.

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