Two students study how to program a robotic manipulator

The faculty members of our group are involved in teaching modules including:

  • Mechanics of Mechanisms & Robots (H7120)
  • Mechanics of Mechanisms & Robots (870H1)
  • Control Engineering (871H1)
  • Embedded Systems (H7061)
  • Systems Analysis and Control (H6104)
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Prototyping (H6099)
  • Smart Interactive Systems (H7128)
  • Electronic Circuits and Systems Design (H7076)
  • Engineering Mechanics (H1028)
  • Principles and Applications of Strength of Materials (H7102)
  • Design of Mechanisms and Machines (H7110)
  • Advanced Electronic Systems (524H1)
  • Industrial Automation Systems (H7121)

  • Automation and Mechatronics (875H1)
  • Robot Design and Implementation (H7123)

  • Robot Design and Implementation (874H1)