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Interaction control in human, for robot and with robot, 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2021)


Industrial talks

Dr. David Moser, Chief Technology Officer, Small Robot Company - Emerging challenges for Robotics in Agriculture. (16 Feb 2021)

Dr. Ing. Andreas Wagener, Head of System Engineering Faulhaber - Options in Motion Control Applications. (21 April 2021)

Dr. Ed Tlegenov, Principal Research Manager, Autodesk Research - Manufacturing Industry Futures at Autodesk. (23 Feb 2021)

Dr. Radhika Gudipati, Business Development Manager, Shadow Robot Company - The leading trail to Shadow’s Telerobot. (23 Feb 2021)

Mr. Henry Wood, Co-founder, Inovo Robotics - Journey of Inovo Robotics. (23 Feb 2021)



Dr. Zhan Li, Swansea University - Fault-tolerant motion planning with fault diagnosis for redundant manipulators. (10 Dec 2021)

Dr. Perla Maiolino, University of Oxford - Robots with sense of touch. (10 Nov 2021)

Mr. Henry  Dore - EPS Sensing for Electrocardiology. (24 Mar 2021)

Dr. Hareesh Godaba - Soft Electroactive Technologies: Mechanics and Applications. (24 Feb 2021)

Dr. Nicolas Herzig - Compliance in Robotics: A Journey through Human-Robot-Environment Interactions. (11 Dec 2020)

Dr. Bao Kha Nguyen (6 Nov 2020)

Dr. Elizabeth Rendon-Morales - Technologies for assessing electro-physiological behaviour in drug discovery. (17 Jul 2020)

Dr. Yanan Li - Game theory of physical human-robot interaction. (12 Jun 2020)

Dr. Rodrigo Aviles-Espinosa - Magnetic field triggerable anti-cancer drug delivery. (14 May 2020)

Dr. Romeo Glovnea - Tribological applications inspired by nature. (26 Feb 2020)

Mr. Hamid Enayatollahi (16 Dec 2019)

Dr. Romeo Glovnea - MEMS -their tribological problems and solutions. (20 Nov 2019)

Dr. Romeo Glovnea - Liquid slip at a solid surface. (21 May 2019)