About us

The Robotics And Mechatronic Systems Group is located in the Shawcross and Richmond Buildings being part of the Department of Engineering and Design in the School of Engineering and Informatics.

Our group is composed by faculty members, research fellows and students with expertise in the areas of robotics and mechatronic systems, including the following topics:

  • design, construction and testing of autonomous industrial robots
  • surgical and medical robotics
  • friction, lubrication and contact mechanics
  • surface damage processes and surface optimisation in robotics application
  • medical devices design, sensing and control systems
  • smart sensors and actuators
  • human-robot collaboration
  • physical human-robot interaction
  • control theory and applications
  • advanced control systems for industrial automation
  • international standards for autonomous robots
  • machine vision
  • multiphoton imaging
  • visual servoing
  • teleoperation