About us

Research Fellows Julia and Rob in the lab

The Quantum Systems & Devices (QSD) group is a research team within the School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex with a key interest in quantum sensing.

Quantum sensors are useful as their ultra-sensitivity can detect even the tiniest of magnetic fields.  Applying these to the problems of our time, our group is focused on researching a wide scope of sensors using ultracold atoms and warm atomic vapours. Our research ranges from fundamental studies of the physics of ultracold gases, through to real world applications for sustainable and human centred technologies.

​We are interested in using atomic gases as magnetic sensors close to various objects, such as novel advanced materials (for example, structured graphene conductors), ion channels in cells, and the human brain. According to the application area, we base our approach on both cold atom and room-temperature systems. Ultracold atomic gases are also used for the study of complex many body phenomena such as quantum phase transitions, and manipulation of low-dimensional systems both in and out of equilibrium.

As well as our underlying research, we actively work with industry in the development and commercialiasation of new quantum technologies.