Photo of Barbara EinhornBarbara Einhorn
Emeritus Professor (Sociology and Criminology)


Current Research Interests

  • Citizenship, gender and civil society
  • Migration in relation to notions of 'home' and belonging
  • Nation and identity
  • Religion, gender, politics

Barbara has supervised doctoral research on: 

  • Gender, Law and Public Policy in Post-Authoritarian Regimes: The Cases of Chile and Brazil
  • Gender Politics in Trouble: Successes and Failures in the Implementation of Global Feminist Politics in Local Women's Activism in South Korea, 1980s and 1990s
  • Lone Motherhood, Social Policy and Women's Citizenship: Women and the Welfare State in South Korea

She welcomes applications in a wide range of comparative and inter-disciplinary gender research areas.

Current DPhil Students' Thesis Topics

  • Democratic Theory and Citizenship Practice: Can Democracy Facilitate Gender Equitable Citizenship? A Case Study of Korea
  • Expatriate Women's Relationships with Domestic Workers in Singapore
  • Gender, Migration, and Social Change: The Return of Filipino Migrant Women Workers
  • Intersex: Facing 'Reality' as an XY-Female
  • Love, Gender and Power: Intimacy in the Life Trajectories of Lone Mothers
  • Nationalism and Masculinity in the Context of Cyprus 
  • Patriarchy and Honour Based Violence: A Case Study of Honour Killings in Turkey