Photo of Roger MooreRoger Moore
Emeritus Professor (School of Global Studies)


Roger’s main research focus has been on the investigation, analysis and management of slope instability and landslides. His PhD looked at the physico-chemical controls on shear strength properties and its effects on seasonal triggering of landslide ground movement. Since 1988 Roger has contributed and supervised extensive research in the Undercliff on the south coast of the Isle of Wight, the largest deep-seated landslide complex in NW Europe. In recent years, Roger has contributed to three European research projects working with EU partners to share and disseminate case work and knowledge about slopes and landslides and their management, including assessments of the potential impacts of climate change on future coastal instability hazards and risk. In the last decade a new area of research developed from commercial work has been the geomorphological assessment of deepwater seafloor features and geohazards. Roger has been industrial supervisor of a number of PhD's in progress or completed: 

Jamie GILHAM 2013-2017 (In Progress) Establishing a predictive process response model for sea cliff risk management at Brighton.

Jenny MOSS 2006-2010 The spatial and temporal distribution of pipe and pockmark formation. University of Cardiff.

Jon CAREY 2006-2011 The progressive development of post-failure behaviour of deep-seated landslide complexes. University of Durham.