I am a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of International Relations, where I completed my PhD in 2018. My broad research interests include the political economy of conflict and peacebuilding, dynamics of violence in social spaces, institutions, and policies, and forms of international intervention.

My current research, with Prof Jan Selby, focuses on environmental security and the relationships between water, climate, and conflict across different geographic contexts, including South Sudan and the Lake Chad region.

My PhD research examined the relationship between peacebuilding, violence, and education in South Sudan within the context of wider peacebuilding debates. I have also conducted research on education policy, inequality, and development in Cameroon and Rwanda. These include projects with international organisations such as UNICEF.

I have also been working on research on safeguarding in international development and humanitarian contexts, focusing on relationships between humanitarian actors and communities in Somaliland and implications for sexual exploitation and abuse, and on approaches to safeguarding in international development research.

I previously completed a Master's degree in International Social Work at the University of Calgary, Canada.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Department of International Relations)