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Dr Yong Yang

Post:Visiting Professor (University of Sussex Business School)
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Yong Yang is a Reader in Strategy in the University of Sussex. Before joining Sussex, he was a lecturer in International Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Essex. He worked on a FP7 project funded by the European Commission at Brunel University, UK, for one year. He obtained his PhD in Business and Management from Queen Mary University of London. His research interests are internationalization process of firms, location choice of foreign direct investment, international knowledge transfer, and exporting and firm performance.

Awards and Recognitions:

Academic Degrees:

Current and previous positions:

  • Reader in Strategy, University of Sussex (June 2017 - )
  • Visiting Fellow, CGR (Centre for Globalisation Research) (December 2013 -)


          Selected papers:

  • Contractor, Farok and Yang, Yong and Gaur, Ajai (2016) Firm-Specific Intangible Assets and Subsidiary Profitability: The Moderating Role of Distance, Ownership Strategy and Subsidiary Experience. Journal World Business, 51(6): 950-964.
  • Driffield, Nigel and Love, Jim and Yang, Yong (2016) Reverse international knowledge transfer in the MNE: (Where) does affiliate performance boost parent performance? Research Policy, 45(2): 491-506.
  • Martins, Pedro and Yang, Yong (2015) Globalised labour markets? International rent sharing across 47 countries, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 53(4): 664-691.
  • Driffield, Nigel and Love, Jim and Yang, Yong (2014) Technology Sourcing and Reverse Productivity Spillovers in the Multinational Enterprise: Global or Regional Phenomenon? British Journal of Management, 25(S1): S24-S41.
  • Yang, Yong and Mallick, Sushanta (2014) Explaining cross-country differences in exporting performance: The role of country-level macroeconomic environment, International Business Review, 23(1): 246-259.
  • Yang, Yong and Martins, Pedro and Driffield, Nigel (2013) Multinational Performance and the Geography of FDI: Evidence from 46 Countries, Management International Review, 53(6): 763-794.
  • Contractor, Farok and Yang, Yong and Gaur, Ajai (2013) Firm-Specific Intangible Assets and Subsidiary Profitability: The Moderating Role of Distance, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, 2013.
  • Mallick, Sushanta and Yang, Yong (2013); Productivity Performance of Export Market Entry and Exit: Evidence from Indian Firms, Review of International Economics, 21(4): 809-824.
  • Yang, Yong and Driffield, Nigel (2012) Multinationality-Performance Relationship: A Meta-Analysis,  Management International Review, 52(1): 23-47.
  • Mallick, Sushanta and Yang, Yong (2011) Sources of Financing, Profitability and Productivity: First Evidence from Matched Firms, Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments, 20(5): 221-252.
  • Yang, Yong and Mallick, Sushanta (2010) Export Premium, Self-selection and Learning-by-Exporting: Evidence from Chinese Matched Firms, The World Economy, 33(10): 1218-1240. 
  • Martins, Pedro and Yang, Yong (2009) The Impact of Exporting on Firm Productivity: A Meta-Analysis of the Learning-by-Exporting Hypothesis, Review of World Economics, 145(3): 431-445.

           Other papers:

  • Mallick, Sushanta and Yang, Yong (2014) `Financing Patterns, Multinationals and Performance: Firm-level Evidence from 47 Countries' in `International Business and Institutions After the Financial Crisis`, Academy of International Business; editors: Yama Temouri and Chris Jones. Palgrave MacMillan, 194-211.
  • Yang, Yong and Kwong, Caleb (2013) `The Role of Language on Affiliates' Competence-Creation: Evidence from the MNE Linkage across 45 Countries' in `The Changing Geography of International Business`, Academy of International Business; editors: Gary Cook and Jennifer Johns. Palgrave MacMillan, 114-135.
  • Yang, Yong and Martins, Pedro (2011) `Multinational Performance and Intellectual Property Rights: Evidence from 46 Countries` in `Firm-level Internationalisation, Regionalism and Globalisation', Academy of International Business; editors: Jenny Berrill, Elaine Hutson and Rudolf Sinkovics, Palgrave MacMillan, Houndmills, Basingstoke, U.K. 96-112.
  • Impact Work: In 2011, I contributed to the World Intellectual Property Organisation 2011 annual report, and is an author of background report Disembodied knowledge flows in the World Economy.

Submitted/Under Revision:

  • Firm Location, Knowledge Sourcing and Returns to Multinationality (with Nigel Driffield)
  • Institutional Influences on the Choice of Export Markets for International Licensing and R&D Outsourcing? (with Suma Athreye and Tomasz Mickiewicz)
  • Location Choice of Competence-creating subsidiaries (with Caleb Kwong)
  • Financing Patterns, Multinationals and Performance: Firm-level Evidence from 48 Countries (with Sushanta Mallick)
  • How does the labour quality in overseas affiliates affect the productivity of parent companies? A global value chain perspective (with Roger Strange)
  • CEO Duality and Firm Performance-Do Macroeconomic Factors Matter (with Mei Yu)
  • Job Creation and its Specifics in BRICS (Georgios Panos)

Papers in conferences/workshops:

 Conferences/Workshops attended:

Research Projects:

  • The Changing Nature of Internationalization of Innovation in Europe: Impact on Firms and the Implications for Innovation Policy in the EU, European Commission FP7, PI: Suma Athreye; Coordinator: Pari Patel at Sussex University, 2009-2011 (Euro 1,110,000)
  • International Technology Transfer and Technology Sourcing, Essex Business School, 2011-2012 (£ 1,500)
  • Disembodied Knowledge Flows in the World Economy, World Intellectual Property Organisation PI: Suma Athreye), 2011-2012, (CHF 15,000)

Society's Membership:

PhD supervision:

  • Jinlong Gu; Research topic: Firm Diversification and Performance: The Role of Geographical Location and Product Relatedness (Started Sept 2013; completed in 2018)

Others and Personal: 

  • Software: Stata, Office, Latex
  • Born July 1983 (Nanchang, China)
  • Languages: Fluent in Chinese and English


Reader in Strategy

Course Convenor MSC International Management