Photo of Caroline BassettCaroline Bassett
Associate (Sussex Digital Humanities Lab)



Current doctoral students: 

Wesley Goatley 

Kat Braybrooke 

Emma Harrison 

Nathan Richards 


Doctoral students supervised to completion: 


(2016). Dr Emma Withers, Cyberpunk and film (AHRC funded) [50/50]


(2016). Dr Tanya Kant, Social Media and Personalization (AHRC funded). [50/50].


(2016). Dr Suk Jin Chae, Precarious labour, information society, South Korean women. [50/50].


(2015). Dr Trine Bjorkmann-Berry, Video-blogging and gendered identity. [50/50]


(2015) Dr Nanette Hoogstrag, Digital Illustration. [50/50]. (External Supervision (Royal College of Art) 


(2015). Dr Cate Thomas, Email and intellectual identity [90/10]


(2015) Dr Tai Hang, Blogging, Satire and new media in China. [50/50]


(2015). Dr Russell Pearce, Transformations in Reading (AHRC funded). [50/50]


(2015). Dr Jodi Nelson. Digital film and feminism [10/90] (second supervisor)


(2013). Dr. Javier Mateo. New media and public knowledge in European press. [CB50/50]


(2012). Dr. Aristea Fotopoulou. 3rd wave feminism and queer activism on the net. (AHRC funded). [CB50/50].


(2010). Dr. Frauke Behrendt, 2010, Sonic Media. (European/German funding). [CB50/50]. 


(2008). Dr. Iqbal Akthar. Fans, Friends and Networked Sociality. [CB40/60] [second supervisor]


(2008). Dr. Nikki Strange. Digital Programming and the BBC. (AHRC funded) [20/80].


(2007). Dr. Giota Aleviziou, Digital Encyclopedias.  [CB80/20]


(2007). Dr. Dave Berry. Creative Commons/Code Politics. (ESRC funded). [CB90/10].


(2005). Dr. Dunja Brill. Gothic Media. (European funding). [CB50/50].. 

Proposals for supervision in the field of digital media, critical theory and digital media, technology and social and cultural transformation welcome.  This could include projects in the fields of mobility and media, gender and technology, narrative transformations, digital publics, digital humanities and digital research methods.