Nicholas Gallie
Research Student (Sussex European Institute)


My current and principle research focus is on the perception of climate change as a sublime object. By viewing climate change as sublime, the way is opened to admitting the profound existential implications for humanity  that climate change presents, into policy discussion and framing. By admitting to the sublime dimensions of climate change, we appreciate more readily that the societal transitions demanded of us by climate change must begin from deep personal inner transition or awakening into a new understanding of the position of the human within the Earth. From the sublime perspective, such inner transition is the necessary precursor to any adequate response to climate change that might be attempted via political or technological transition. 

More broadly I am interested in how climate change is perceived and potentially or actually acted on by different actors and at different organizational levels, and the different forms these perceptions and their related actions take. I am also interested in the politics of climate change and its justice and human rights implications.