Photo of Valerie HeyValerie Hey
Emeritus Professor (Education)



My interests are on the social, material and psychological construction of identities. I am intrigued by questions of how the subject is formed inbetween the processes and practices of psychological and social creation and reformation. I have always been 'post-disciplinary' in my research imagination and outlook - in the sense that my reading of education and the social has been heavily influenced by cultural studies in its various incarnations. I have written on: 'pub cultures'; the social and ideological construction of pre-mentrual tension; emotion and higher education as well as the academy's contract culture and its 'perverse pleasures'.  Currently I am developing work on systematising how the field of 'girls' studies has been constituted with colleagues at the Open University and Goldsmiths, and how we might begin to reimagine The University of The Future with colleagues in CHEER.