Photo of Sharif MowlabocusSharif Mowlabocus
Lecturer in Media Studies (Centre for Photography and Visual Culture)


My primary research interests have historically been located at the intersection of sexuality/queer studies and digital media studies. Since 1999 my research has focused on LGBTQ identities and practices, with a particular emphasis on their representation in, and relationship to, online digital media. Based within the School of Media, Film and Music, my work draws upon cultural theory, anthropology, cultural geography and social history as well as media and communication theory. 

I continue to be involved in research in this area and my current project explores conteporary understandings of gay male sexuality in the era of PReP. 

Details of my some of my publications can be found on my publications list.  


I have also been engaged in research that focuses on issues of embodiment and embodied interactions with technology. In particular I am interested in the various forms of touch that are invoked by different groups of people as the smartphone moves through its life cycle.

I am always interested in hearing from potential doctoral candidates who have research interests in any of these areas.